The doors leading to the parish church of St Margaret in Sannat are being restored. The church has five doors in all. Raymond Rapa and his son Luigi are currently working on the main door (pictured).

The door, which dates back to 1883 when the church’s façade was enlarged, is probably unique in its mechanism since when it opens and closes it swings on two vertical metal beams instead of hinges.The process of restoring its wooden parts is a long and meticulous one. It needs a lot of attention to protect it from the elements along the years.

The lower part of the inside building of the church (iz-zokklu) is also undergoing restoration work. The church is antique and at that time they did not use tar on the foundations of the church with the consequence that humidity does a lot of harm to the stone. So, practically, it has to be plastered and painted quite often to keep it in a good state.

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