The top part of T'Alla w-Ommu road is being widened to cater for two lanes, like the rest of the road going uphill.

Infrastructure Malta said it has started works to eliminate the bottleneck currently restricting the top part of the southbound carriageway to one lane.

The topmost part of the two-lane southbound carriageway of the road up this hill currently narrows down to one lane. This bottleneck causes delays, increased accident risks and other difficulties as road users are forced to merge into one lane before approaching the Birguma roundabout, Infrastructure Malta said. 

Due to these works, the uphill lanes will be closed on Tuesday night. Road users travelling from Magħtab, Burmarrad and St Paul’s Bay towards Mosta and Naxxar will be diverted to Triq Burmarrad, towards the Tarġa Gap area of Mosta.

The works will be completed by the end of September.

Infrastructure Malta is currently also rebuilding Triq tal-Balal, the main road link between Naxxar and San Ġwann, adding a lane in both directions. This project is mired in controversy after works forged ahead without the necessary permits. 





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