New footage uploaded on You Tube highlights the disgraceful state of Fort Campbell in Selmun.

The fort was built by the British military shortly before the Second World War to defend the area stretching from Għadira to St Paul's Bay, which were potential landing sites should an invasion have taken place. Its guns also protected seaplane operations in Mistra.

The fort was designed with aerial observation in mind. Its walls were built to resemble Maltese rubble walls, as a means of camouflage, and the building is low in the ground.

This was the last major fortification to be built in Malta but it has been in ruins for years and many of the buildings which served as living quarters are collapsing and pose a serious danger to many picnickers who go there in winter. 

The fort used to have three 6-inch BL guns pointing seaward as well as several lighter anti-aircraft guns and machine guns.  

It had a heavily protected concrete gun control room, an underground plotting room and underground ammunition magazines, air raid shelters and searchlight emplacements. All are now in ruins or full of debris and rubbish. 

In December, 2014 Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had said that the government intended to rehabilitate the fort and the area around it.

He said talks were still in an initial stage and the government did not exclude issuing a call for expressions of interest in the area.

Fort Campbell The Film was produced by Taunus TV.

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