The human being has always been at the centre of Nationalist Party policies. Today the PN is still faithful to this role by defending life at all stages.

When one has the dignity of human beings at heart one rules out any involvement in a legalisation process to deprive anyone of the right to life.

A right to life brings with it a right to a healthy physical and social environment.

 If one is truly objective one has to admit that these rights are being threatened locally. It is perhaps not as drastic as a tourist comment that Malta is no longer Malta but unless we take action, unfortunately this is a reality that we have to face.

It is therefore our duty to support policies that eliminate these threats as much as possible. Voting for MEP and local council candidates representing a party ensuring the safeguarding of these elements within a policy for a better quality of life means voting predominantly for saving lives and the environment. Safeguarding human dignity is not only applicable to Maltese people but equally to imported vulnerable foreigners mostly engaged in precarious work and living far from the best of conditions while being referred to as essential for our economy and for our pensions.

This country is badly in need of leaders with a vision. The PN – with all it defects – has always presented such leaders who support sustainability particularly sustainable development.

“Politics is not about ‘me; but about ‘us’. Politics is about promoting and safeguarding the common good.” This was stated by Albert Buttigieg, St Julian’s deputy mayor and local council candidate (April 22).

 Your vote is your voice. He stressed that in our democratic political landscape it is only through our vote/involvement that change can be achieved.

Let your voice through your vote be loud and clear.


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