San Andrea School is on the hunt for a new person to lead an inquiry into allegations of fraud and misappropriation of funds. 

In a statement on Friday, the school said that it is "close to identifying a new person" to take over from former judge Joseph Zammit McKeon, who was originally tasked with leading the inquiry. 

The retired judge was appointed to that job by the independent school's board earlier in November, after the school's former assistant head, Trevor Templeman, made allegations of financial mismanagement. 

Judge Zammit McKeon has since been nominated to replace Ombudsman Anthony Mifsud. He has now informed the San Andrea board that he will not be able to continue as head of its inquiry. 

“While we are naturally disappointed that Judge Zammit McKeon has been forced to withdraw, we are already in the process of identifying another respected figure who will continue with this exercise," the school said in its statement. 

“Judge Zammit Mckeon has very kindly offered to give a full handover to his successor as the inquiry head. We want to assure everyone that this high-level inquiry will continue unhindered. We thank Judge Zammit McKeon for his contribution and wish him good fortune," a board spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, audit firm PWC is moving ahead with a separate fact-finding exercise in relation to the alleged financial irregularities, the school said in a statement on Friday.

“As a board and as parents we are committed to ensure this matter is resolved quickly for the sake of our children, and to safeguard the school’s reputable name,” the spokesperson said.

The inquiry was initiated after Templeman went public with a series of claims of financial mismanagement to the tune of over €4 million.

Templeman claims a senior figure made some €200,000 in “miscellaneous” transactions and that a former member of staff was paid €25,000 to keep quiet.

He claims there was also a questionable contract to rent a property belonging to a person linked to the school.

Templeman is alleging he was supplied the information by an individual in the school’s senior management team.

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