The 24th meeting of the season, held yesterday at the racetrack, comprised 10 all-trotting races, six of which were heats from two championships reserved for French horses – the Silver Class Prix De Cabourg and the Prix De Cagnes Sur Mer for Bronze Class.

In the Prix De Cabourg alone, 20 horses qualified for the semi-final stage.

Splendid Du Ravary (Rodney Gatt) started to increase its speed with a lap to go in the first heat.

However, midway through the final straight this trotter failed to keep up the initial pace and was overtaken by Saphir Barbes, yesterday under the guidance of Redent Magro.

Saphir Barbes secured its first win at Marsa ahead of Quid De Belle Vue (Charles Camilleri) as Splendid Du Ravary had to settle for third place with Querido Censerie (Julian Farrugia) and Reveal Champ Blanc (Tony Cauchi) fourth and fifth respectively.

Seul En Tete (Charles Camilleri) chalked up its first win in the next Silver Class heat.

This French nine-year-old trotter stormed ahead with 200m to go and won the race easily by two lengths from Saphir Du Meleuc (Julian Farrugia) and Ramses De Tyrole (Anton Cassar).

Quazoumax (Andrew Farrugia) and Quito Clayettois (Cliferty Calleja) also made it to the semis.

In the third heat from the same championship, Relinetcho dashed strongly from the outside to reach the post first, a whisker faster than Rikita Du Moulin (Jeffrey Said).

Quipson (Rodney Gatt), newcomer Ripoux Du Pic (Samuel Galea) and Queen Du Sablier (Kurt Saliba) followed behind in that order.

In the remaining Silver Class heat, Sampiero De May (David Galea) began to up its pace with a lap to go.

This newcomer was unchallenged in the last 1,000m and finished well ahead of Soft De La Vallee (Claudio Refalo) and Sandro Du Vivier (Rodney Gatt).

Roff Gy (Noel Baldacchino) and Quartz Nay (Anthony Camilleri) followed behind and qualified for the next stage.

Another meeting at the racetrack will be held on Sunday.

Yesterday’s winners

Race 1: Copper – Axia Maltaise (Michael Axisa) – 1.18.1”
Race 2: Copper – Jens (Carl Magro) – 1.18.3”
Race 3: Bronze – Julian Port (Michael Ellul) – 1.18”
Race 4: Silver – Saphir Barbes (Redent Magro) – 1.16.5”
Race 5: Bronze – Pittacos (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.18.1”
Race 6: Silver – Seul En Tete (Charles Camilleri) – 1.16.2”
Race 7: Bronze – Sorcier d’Orient (Julian Farrugia) – 1.17.3”
Race 8: Silver – Relinetcho (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.17.5”
Race 9: Silver Class championship – Jaguar C.D. (Redent Magro) – 1.16.7”
Race 10: Silver – Sampiero De May (David Galea) – 1.17.4”