SunHero Sunscreen indicators by Swedish brand Everyday Baby is an innovative product new to Malta.

The SunHero indicator eliminates the problem of trying to keep track of when you may need to apply more sunscreen by easily and clearly indicating whether you are protected or not.

Stick the sunscreen indicator to the most exposed part of your body, normally the shoulders or back of the neck. Apply an even coating of the sunscreen to your body and the sunscreen indicator. When you are protected, the sunscreen indicator is white.

When the sunscreen is losing effect, the indicator turns purple, so simply apply more sunscreen or avoid the sun.

SunHero is water resistant and is made of skin-friendly material. The product is function tested by the Research Institutes of Sweden and is also skin irritation tested by the SGS Institute Fresenius Germany. Suitable with any sunscreen, and lasts all day, SunHero is available in two pack sizes, a children’s pack with 10 pieces or family pack with 24 pieces.

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