Getting tongue-tied around February 14? There are few gifts better than chocolate that say ‘I love you’, and the iconic Baci pralines are the perfect way to show your loved one how much you care.

Each chocolate is wrapped in a message of love, inspired by romantic proverbs, poetry and ancient wisdom. If you cannot think of something to say, the timeless writings of Wordsworth, Whitman and Shakespeare are on hand to help.

Baci Perugina are the perfect choice for the most romantic day of the year, made with the finest ingredients and wrapped in messages of devotion and loyalty. Enjoying a Bacio praline is a journey for all senses. The starry silver foil wrapper envelopes the chocolate’s iconic shape, and a double layer of the exclusive Perugina dark chocolate blend gives it a smooth, indulgent sheen. The first bite is punctuated by the crunch of a whole toasted hazelnut, followed by the decadent, velvety hazelnut and cocoa gianduia filling

This unique traditional recipe comes in five flavours: classic dark chocolate, milk, white, extra dark and ruby. Only eight ingredients are needed to make Baci pralines and Perugina has gone the extra mile to ensure that only the best, sustainably sourced hazelnuts, cocoa and vanilla are used. Baci Perugina are also certified gluten-free and kosher. These delicious treats are not just made to show love – they are made with love too.

(Content provided by Nestle Malta)


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