Seat has launched three new electric scooters designed to offer a new method for urban mobility. 

The eScooter125 is an electric motorcycle which utilises a 9kW motor and a 5.6kWh battery capable of delivering up to 77 miles (124 kilometres) of range from a single charge. It’s an equivalent amount of power to a 125cc motorcycle, while 240Nm of torque helps to drive it from 0-31mph (0-50km/h) in just 3.9 seconds. Flat-out it’ll do 59mph (95km/h). 

The eScooter125 is Seat’s first electric motorcycle.The eScooter125 is Seat’s first electric motorcycle.

Three rider modes – City, Sport and Eco – allow the option to tailor the bike’s settings to the environment or journey, while a reverse gear has been included too. 

The battery can be charged at charging stations, or it can be removed and plugged into a home power socket. Seat believes it could be an ideal option for fleet users, who will be able to swap out flat batteries for fresh ones in an instant, minimising the amount of time that the bike is off the road. 

The next two vehicles – called eKickScooter65 and eKickScooter25 – are electric scooters, with the former delivering a 40-mile (64-kilometre) range and the latter a shorter 12-mile (19-kilometre) range. The eKickScooter65 utilises a 350w motor linked to a 551kWh battery, giving it a top speed of 12mph (19km/h). A front electronic and rear drum brake are fitted to help bring the scooters to a safe, controlled stop.

Seat’s e-scooter benefits from front and rear brakes.Seat’s e-scooter benefits from front and rear brakes.

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