Secure Trading has announced that it has just entered into a strategic partnership with PurePay, a company specialising in helping merchants in traditionally high-risk industries to find payment providers.

PurePay will act as an introducer for Secure Trading and acquiring arm of the business, A referral agreement has been put in place which will see merchants from sectors such as tobacco, CBD oils and nutraceuticals boarded on the Secure Trading gateway and with

PurePay’s choice of Secure Trading and as a partner was based on its optimal end-to-end service, ease of use, reliability, flexibility, security, and depth of understanding of the merchants’ needs within the different verticals and levels of risks.

Through the partnership, PurePay’s merchants will benefit from Secure Trading’s comprehensive technology and high acceptance rate for businesses operating in traditionally high-risk industries, which other payment providers are likely to stay away from. 

“We have worked closely with Secure Trading’s team of payment experts to ensure that they are the right partners to drive PurePay’s business in the right direction by providing a seamless payment experience for our merchants’ customers,” Dennis Pederson, founder of PurePay said.

“Secure Trading have a great deal of experience in key sectors – they have successful onboarding rate, and onboard merchants quickly, which is important for our high-risk merchants. We are delighted to refer Secure Trading and’s solutions to our clients because we’re positive they will help their businesses grow.”

Craig Brightly, head of sales at Secure Trading said: “With traditionally high-risk businesses, in sectors such as CBD, nutraceuticals, cryptocurrency and pharmaceuticals, we take the time to understand the customer’s business model and work with them to provide an intelligent payment system that matches their business goals. We’re excited about expanding our partnership with PurePay and be part of this journey.”


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