The Security Service has expressed concerns about Islamic State moving closer to Malta at a faster rate than expected because of instability in Libya.

In an annual report tabled in Parliament, the acting head of the Service, Joseph Bugejam said the Security Service was aware that IS operatives may infiltrate migrant arrivals, but there was no evidence of any such Isis members coming to Malta.

He said the threat posed by instability in North Africa was something which the service was monitoring carefully. While instability in Libya had existed for some time, it had now facilitated the establishment of Isis there, compounding the problems of human trafficking from Libya.

A growing problem for Europe, Mr Bugeja added, was the return from Syria and Iraq o European nationals who had gone there to fight for Isis or other organisations.

There was also increased risk throughout Europe of lone wolf attacks.

The Maltese Security Service is working with overseas organisations to monitor developments.

He said the Security Service is planning to expand its operations through staff recruitment and improved equipment.


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