When a registered NGO proposes itself as an organisation seeking the promotion of fundamental human rights, one cannot but laud its energy. When the same foundation promotes the introduction of deliberate termination of human life, then one can only attribute chaos as being behind such organisation. 

In this article, I am referring to the Aditus Foundation in particular, Neil Falzon’s baby, and what seems to be a home birth in his living room. I am also referring to the recent press release signed by his foundation which in relation to the latest immigrant tragedy states that:  

“This cannot be an excuse to abdicate our own responsibility, as individuals and as a nation, to save lives at any cost.”

The call for a reasonable solution was more than justified in any setting of a modern society which promises solidarity, equality, dignity and respect to all human beings irrespective of gender, race, status, creed or sexual orientation. 

So, I ask myself, how could such an organisation work so hard to support equal opportunities for some human beings, while taking a clear stand  on refusing that same opportunity to the unborn  who through no fault of their own have been conceived in circumstances that seem to preclude them from being welcomed. 

An unwelcome as offered to the unfortunate 49 people by some sectors of our society, which consider them as a potential threat to our culture, invaders and possibly bringing along a criminal baggage with them.

These people have no formal identity, which is one case used by some pro-abortionists to conclude that such status disqualifies unborn from the inherent right to life. 

Just like unborn human beings, these souls make a voyage in deep troubled waters, hoping for  an NGO to rescue them, provide them with food and water needed for their survival, without which their survival rate would be comparable to a newborn baby at best and at worst as low as any unborn human being extruded violently by abortion. 

They lie in anticipation to be given a voice which they yet do not possess, just like the innocent children of tomorrow. 

In most cases, immigrants are being lured in by organisations promoting Europe as a haven, far away from the wars and economic tragedy they originate from. 

Women and children are given hope that they will be given opportunities at educating themselves, making a name for themselves and contributing to the new society they are born in when the waters finally break.

In most cases, just like unclaimed embryos, they were sold to the highest bidder and once delivered, they are long forgotten and given no more than a final push over the edge. 

Human trafficking, just like abortion, is a symptom of a much deeper rooted problem, which  is well hidden behind the smoke screens used to cover up the realities people are facing. Far too many organisations are capitalising on people’s desperate situations and presenting elusive final solutions to end their misery and anguish. 

They lie in anticipation to be given a voice, which they yet do not possess, just like the innocent children of tomorrow

Wealth and power seem to be the biggest motivators behind most cases. A direct result of a country’s wealth being seized by  military organisations, political movements with hidden agendas, or religious extremists who instigate civil wars, abuse, violence, corruption, political turmoil, hunger, desperation and shame. 

An unfair distribution of wealth, which in western societies is seen in preferring to fund abortion clinics and NGOs promoting institutionalised murder of unborn human beings, rather than supporting  organisations that are actively working at offering life as the alternative to death. 

A respectable organisation founded in a culture which retains high regard towards human life from its very first moment of creation and which celebrates life  in every Christmas, cannot function well and be considered consistent when all it does is mock life by setting its own standards as to when life is worth saving or not. 

In many ways, our culture is at a critical moment in its existence, in that while it is still walking baby steps and in its infancy stage in appreciating animal rights, LGBTIQ needs, understanding the importance to safeguard our environment and steadily developing into a multicultural society, it retains the characteristic of giving value to unborn human life. 

Attempts are under way to change this noble and enviable aspect of our society. 

Some of our politicians are bending over backwards to nibble systemically at such principles in a bid to appease the business circles which support planned parenthood. 

They are carefully gnawing away at the core values their own followers have had for entire generations and slowly but surely engraining in them a sense of helplessness and of false sense of compassion to those couples who are finding it difficult to cope with an unplanned child.  

Such organisations like Aditus are doing their part in supporting human tragedy and can only be considered a gross parody of an NGO claiming to be inspired by the universal declaration of human rights, as depicted by the United Nations, when it is a well-known fact that abortion is not a fundamental human  right:

 “Everyone has the right to life” (Article 3) and “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”(Article 5), which is essentially what all victims of abortion are suffering around the world.

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