The number of times she has tried her luck at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, that is. The thrill of performing to a big crowd and the challenge involved in competing in Malta’s biggest music event is what keeps her coming back for more.

“And anyway, it’s a bit like having a box of chocolates. You never get enough of it,” she adds in a cheeky re-interpretation of the famous Forrest Gump quote.

Claudia, of course, was raised in a household where music reigns; indeed, her brother Fabrizio will also be taking part in this year’s contest and it has become something of a tradition for the siblings to both take part. Claudia’s entry this year is called Pure – just like the title promises, she says that the ballad will evoke pure moments of emotion in the listener, in a simple and classy way.

“I think I have the experience to pull off a good performance, but most of all I truly believe that Pure can trigger a unique feeling and touch you in a special way. I also believe it appeals to local and foreign listeners alike. The message behind the song is rather simple: true love does not need to be loud. It can be made up of simple, yet meaningful moments, that evoke pure joy!”

Claudia describes this last week before the event as “quite relaxed” – sticking to a preset schedule and knowing that the outfit issue has been sorted does help! The singer seems to be very well-organised too:

“I’m quite an early riser, even though I work in the evenings. I usually go for a walk in the morning, I’ll take care of any errands throughout the day and then visit my mum. Sometimes I catch up with some friends over a coffee too. In the evening, unless I’m working, I rehearse with my band.”

She refuses to acknowledge a “scary” part from the night of the performance, preferring to call it “exciting” instead.

“Definitely the last few moments before I go on stage to perform!”


Getting to know Claudia


Favourite singers: Ville Valo.

On her MP3 player: A huge fan of classic rock, but will listen to a lot of different styles on her MP3 player.

Wants to see perform live: H.I.M. and Adele.

On-stage superstitions:  A little prayer and she’s good to go.

Web addiction? Seven on a scale of one to ten.

Favourite gadget: Mobile phone.

Outfit on the night: Pure and classy.

Favourite fast food: Turkish.

Best destination ever: The States, because her father lives there and... Walt Disney!

Would like to visit: Some tropical island.

Wants to retire: In Malta, but open to suggestions.

Drives: A Smart.

Pets: A beautiful cat called Moet. Maybe Chandon will come later!

Best childhood memory: Spending time with younger sister Miriana.

Last book read: Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret .