The following ships are expected in Malta:

The Stjerneborg from Tripoli to Tripoli, the CMA CGM Medea from Port Klang to Valencia (both Carmelo Caruana Co. Ltd), the MSC Melatilde from Port Said to Valencia (John Ripard & Son Ltd), the MV Eurocargo Venezia from Genoa to Genoa (Sullivan Maritime) and the Vega Stockholm from Venezia to Tunis (Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd) today.

The ER Auckland from Ancona, the Nordic Luebeck from Trapani to Catania (both Carmelo Caruana Co. Ltd), the Daniel from Tunis to Tunis and the Maersk Taurus from Port Said to Port Tangier (both Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd) tomorrow.

The Hansa Narvik from Mersin to Antalya, the Otterhound from Annaba, the Fas Dammam from Bejaia to Bejaia, the CMA CGM Musset from Jeddah to Tanger Med (all Carmelo Caruana Co. Ltd) and the MV Eurocargo Malta from Genoa to Livorno (Sullivan Maritime) on Saturday.

The Violet from Aliaga to Tanger Med, the CMA CGM Lavender from Tanger Med to Gebze (both Carmelo Caruana Co. Ltd), the Maersk Buton from Algeciras to Izmit, the Nysted Maersk from Izmir to Thessaloniki, the K-River from Tunis to Tunis, the Alexander Maersk from Al Khoms to Misurata (all Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd) and the MSC Rapallo from Valencia to Salalah (John Ripard & Son Ltd) on Sunday.

The Janina from Tobruk to Sussex, the CMA CGM Jules Verne from Le Haver to Khor al Fakkan, the CMA CGM Fidelio from Fos-sur-Mer to Suez, the Karina from Algeciras to Tunis (all Carmelo Caruana Co Ltd), the Eclips from Antwerp to Algiers, the Maersk Brooklyn from Antwerp to Haifa, the Stadt Flensburg from Algiers to Algiers (all Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd), the MV Eurocargo Napoli from Salerno to Salerno and the MV Eurocargo Venezia from Genoa to Genoa (both Sullivan Maritime) on Monday.


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