PN leader Simon Busuttil has sued the GWU weekly It-Torca for libel over allegations that he failed to declare his financial interests to parliament.

In a statement, Dr Busuttil said the article was false from beginning to end. 

He said that the legal firm he formed part of until 2010 offered the legal services of trusts, like any other law firm. Therefore the attack made against him in the article was against all the financial services industry.

Dr Busuttil said he stopped legal practice in 2010 and resigned from the legal firm which offered such services before he became leader of the Nationalist Party.

As his declarations to parliament showed, he held no trust or company registered abroad, unlike minister Konrad Mizzi who set up a trust in New Zealand and a company in Panama after he became minister. 

Dr Busuttil said that since becoming an MP, he always declared his financial interests in full and the claim that he failed to do so was libelous. 

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