Basketball is a popular sport across the globe. For basketball lovers, the NBA and college are must-watch games.

While watching your favorite sport, you can earn money too. If you are a beginner, the rule of thumb when it comes to online betting is to not trust the ‘insider’ information.

Basketball betting is easy since the rules of the game are simple. The types of bets can easily be understood – check out basketball betting on for a detailed list of the types of bet. The bets are pretty much standardised among all types of basketball games. Here are simple and effective tips for basketball betting.

  1. Go over the list of the starting line up

The team coach would want his best players to start the game. The starting line up will dictate the flow of the game. Check each player’s statistics to know if the starting line has any chances of winning. Make sure you check all the starters’ historical data.

Take into consideration new acquisitions, who may either make the team or break the team. Also, take into account the player’s injuries. Players’ performance might be affected by past injuries – check if these who had injuries in the past will most likely affect his performance. So, it is good to check if the starters are not part of the injury list.

  1. Always consider home court advantage

Most teams play well on their home court. Home court advantage does not guarantee that the team will win, but it won’t hurt to take it into consideration.

When the team is playing at their home court, they feel more relaxed and comfortable. That is because they do not need to travel and stay at a hotel.

Hearing their fans from their home can also boost their confidence and their desire to win. This team spirit can encourage players to perform well during the game.

  1. Do not bet on your favourite team

If you love to watch and play basketball, then you must have a favourite team, which could cloud your judgement. There is nothing wrong with wanting your team to win, but this can lead to biased decisions. You become emotional and will bet following your heart.

Emotions are proven to lead to poor decisions, resulting in poor long-term results. If you are betting just for fun, then there is nothing wrong with it since you have set your mind on the possibilities of losing your bet. If you are making a profit out if your bet, set aside your emotional attachment and bet with a calculated logic.

  1. Set your eyes on the important team statistics

Learn to categorise the important and less important stats. You will be able to know where you should place your bet, based on the team’s historical data. Some of the figures you should consider are: turnovers, offensive rebounds, free-throw percentage, team’s tempo or pace, percentage of true shooting, offensive/defensive rating, home/away performances.

  1. Pay attention to major line moves

This is often missed by beginners and expert betters. The lines on the frames are adjusted by the oddsmakers. Their intention is to balance the action on the game. When there is a lot of action happening in the game, balancing the game entails big and sudden line movements. There is always a good reason why the lines are moving.

  1. Do not bet on a team that is suffering from court fatigue

Every day, teams usually play twice in a day. That can cause the team members to be exhausted. This happens especially if the team is under pressure to win. Like any other human being, the players are subject to fatigue. As they progress, they become more tired and less motivated. They lose their grip on the game and might end up losing.

When you notice that this is happening, do not bet on the team. You will definitely lose any chance of winning.

  1. Do not listen to betting trends

This is a general rule in betting. Ignore trends on betting. They are irrelevant when it comes to basketball betting. These teams have statistical data – use this data to check the team standing and performance. Predictive models are even available to give an analytical forecast of the game.

Betting trends will give you totally different data that is not relevant to basketball betting. This data will only give you an idea of what other bettors are betting for, which may be the wrong teams.

  1. Research before you bet over or under

The simplest bet a beginner can bet is betting over and under. Money lines and point spread are the least of your problem. What matters is the total number of points made by the team. This bet is very basic and easy making bettors bet on a game without proper research.

Take this into consideration before you bet over or under: Injuries acquired by the players on the starting line up; the team’s pace; court fatigue; check if the team is playing offensively or defensively; and check the team’s offensive and defensive efficiency.

Common basketball betting mistakes

Identify the most common mistakes that bettors make on basketball betting. Knowing this information will make it easy for you to avoid them and focus on the things that will help you be successful in winning.

Illogical betting: When betting, you must bet without bias realistically. Place your bets based on facts. Be ready to place bets on the team that will play against your favorite basketball team, in case it happens.

Placing double bets: This is a very common mistake of beginners. Bettors will double their bets when they fell that they are in the situation of winning or losing. The reason w they do it is when they are losing; they will make it up for the losses hoping that they are going to win money that they lost. Here are some other common basketball betting mistakes: taking for granted the importance of coaching; not following the bankroll management rules; and listening to what the media says when placing your bet


When you decide to bet in a particular sport, most of the time, you bet on a sport that is familiar to you – maybe you enjoy watching it or playing it. In both cases, you should be willing to learn. Profitable betting requires you to have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the betting market you choose. Do be confused by the logic behind knowing basketball and knowing how to bet. They are two different things. Your basic knowledge about basketball is not the only requirement for basketball betting.

Basketball betting also requires math and analogy. Learn how to interpret and analyse data. Doing so can easily make you decide how to bet logically. It is also wise to keep a record of your betting history. This will give you an analogy of what strategies have worked and what has failed. This will help you keep a record of your profit and loses.




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