The following is an extension to the article penned by Carmel Baldacchino ‘Sliema Wanderers... 50 years on’ (October 4).

In July of last year preparations were on track to celebrate the 50th anniversary of when on September 29 Sliema Wanderers made history by being the first local club to pass for the second round of the Cup-Winners Cup, by  beating US Rumelange 1-0.

On July 24, I sent an e-mail to the president of US Rumelange, hoping that he would provide me with any photos which the club might have of the match we played in Luxembourg.  Time passed, preparations continued, but personally I was a bit disappointed for not receiving any response. Who knows what kind of a tricky judgement on this person passed through my mind. But life is full of surprises.

On December 27, I received the following e-mail from Gerard Jeitz, president FC US Rumelange: 

 “Mr Falzon, I’m sorry for the late answer but we had a problem with our e-mail address. This was repaired before the holidays and I have just gone through 2,000 e-mails received since May, including yours.

“Indeed this was also a great first for our club since the first participation in the European Cup and eliminated because of your goal scored abroad. I hope you were able to celebrate this event with a large part of your former teammates. In case you still want to receive something, let me know.

“Once again, I apologise for not being able to support you in a timely manner.” 

After this e-mail the judgement on this person changed. Eventually I did ask him again about the photos and kept in contact, and waited patiently, until on February 18, a courier knocked on my door and handed me a box, coming all the way from Luxembourg.

The box contained a book published in 2008 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their club and another book to celebrate the promotion to the 1st league in the 2013-4 season, a special season for Gerard Jeitz as he was also the coach. 

The parcel also contained some souvenirs which they sell from their fan club, including a 100th anniversary mug, CD, pencils and key chains. I am still trying to come to terms with this unique experience. Apart from all this, it is also an interesting coincidence that Sliema Wanderers, who were also founded in 1908, naturally also published a merited book. 

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