Smooff is a complete smoking cessation programme – without medicine or nicotine – which is terminated after 28 days.

Here is how it works: four discrete smoking cessation filters with different filtering strengths are attached to a filter-tipped cigarette when smoking. Each filter is used for seven days and, after 28 days, one should stop smoking.

With help from the filters, one gradually reduces smoking and nicotine addiction – all while becoming mentally prepared to completely quit the cigarettes on the scheduled smoking cessation day – after exactly 28 days. 

Instead of having to deal with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and quit all cigarettes and smoking habits all at once, Smooff helps one to do so gradually over a relatively short period.

Quitting smoking is a challenge no matter what method used. In order to succeed, one needs to be motivated, determined and conscious about the decision. One stands a better chance of success if one gets support and help along the way.

The progamme comes with detailed instructions that will guide one through the smoking cessation process day by day. One will also get a motivation card that will remind one

NB: The Smooff filters are designed for regular filter cigarettes, ‘normal’ size only – not hand-rolled cigarettes. In this case, replace and buy regular filter cigarettes for the Smooff smoking cessation programme.

Smooff is distributed by Collis Williams Ltd (tel: 2124 4847) to over 45 pharmacies all over Malta and Gozo in addition to the following pharmacies: Collis Williams Valletta, Collis Williams Santa Venera, Balluta, Mayer, Darwin, D’Argens, Swatar & St.Publius Pharmacies.

(Content provided by Collis Williams Ltd)


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