On December 13, under the heading ‘ Top Three Gems’, I ended my letter with the following words: “Once the electoral battle heats up, we may be regaled with even more ludicrous statements [by Adrian Delia]. So watch out.”

I was spot on. Delia has not disappointed me once again. During a Nationalist Party activity in Lija on February 6, the leader of half the Opposition, Adrian Delia, screamed the following surreal statement: “Muscat wants elderly people to die in order to make room for others.” Also adding: “In the social sector, this Labour government has done nothing.” I couldn’t help crossing myself three times!

Delia said this during the same week when another €50 million social housing project was announced, to bring the number of social housing projects to 1,100 apartments. And many thousands of pensioners received an increase for the fourth year running, on top of the normal cost-of-living allowance increase.

Besides the fact that during the same week, elderly people aged 75 or over received  another €300 grant!

Isn’t there anyone who loves the party and is ready to tell Delia that such ludicrous and surreal statements are not only ridiculing himself, but also the PN?


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