Social justice is impervious to reason. It seems impossible to reconcile any argument a social justice warrior makes with anything resembling reason and evidence, as they go out of their way to champion the exact opposite.

The strand of feminism that has taken over large subsections of public discourse has effectively managed to instil a chilling effect into the silent majority through fear of social exclusion.

Slowly but surely though, the tide is turning and the plague of unreason is being pushed back into the void from whence it came. When all that you stand for is based on an unfounded, morally bankrupt ideology, the only possible outcomes are either total ideological hegemony or the annihilation of your entire mendacious edifices.

I choose the latter.

The only reason feminists are not required to bring facts to the table is because of their misplaced sense of moral superiority. They demonstrate this with every idea that comes oozing out of their indoctrinated minds.

When a feminist advocates for safe spaces in a university, they are plainly confessing that they are incapable of listening to different opinions as they may be ‘triggered’ into a fit of anxiety and hysteria.

Such irrational, exaggerated reactions to mere words often merit a closer look for psychological intervention.

These dysfunctional core beliefs and circular, reinforcing behaviours are addressed head on in cognitive behavioural therapy and third-wave feminists should consider this as a treatment option.

The sad thing is that the media also seems to be infected with the social justice disease. Censoring comments for having challenging views is the norm now, and it’s not about to change with the EU passing a broadly defined hate speech law which practically grants ubiquitous censorship powers to anyone of the same superficial values.

So what should we expect the next bastion of social justice to be? It seems that their latest insidious agenda is to push the pseudo-intellectual garbage of ‘gender fluidity’ on to children. It’s very amusing to see the pervasive mental gymnastics and inconsistencies in the whole spectrum of social justice.

We were first told that sexual orientation is not a choice, but now it seems that argument doesn’t stick for their latest social fad. Suddenly, it seems that not only are people able to choose their sexual orientation, but also possess the mental faculties to make such a decision when they’re children. This borders on insanity.

It’s no secret that youngsters don’t think like adults. If that were the case, we’d have an extra small version of everything to accommodate the fully functioning miniature members of society. The prefrontal cortex is that part of the brain highly associated with executive functioning and keeps developing until the mid-20s, which means that the ability to reason, plan and to make rational choices is not something a child can do.

The only reason feminists are not required to bring facts to the table is because of their misplaced sense of moral superiority

In addition, there are a number of studies showing how most child gender dysphoria cases resolve themselves to their respective biological nature and do not persist into adulthood.

The idea that sex and gender are somehow mutually exclusive is unscientific babble built on unsubstantiated feminist dogma, and spreading these lies to children is immoral and worthy of contempt.

Chromosomes are here to stay, and no amount of surgery or hormone therapy is going to change that. Performing sexual reassignment surgery to accommodate one’s delusions is not the answer, but since the truth is not politically correct, it is buried using slanderous accusations and the shaming tactics feminists are now thoroughly accustomed to.

Moreover, a Swedish study conducted over 30 years found that “persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment surgery, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour and psychiatric morbidity than the general population”.

They go on to say that although sex reassignment surgery alleviates symptoms of gender dysphoria, it may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism. How can any sane person condone exposing children to such a plethora of psychological problems?

While fully functioning adults should have the right to do what they wish to their body, we cannot expect children to make such decisions with the same cognizant competence. Pushing such a decision on to children defies all ethical considerations and is downright child abuse.

Needless to say, these people are individuals who need compassion, acceptance and help. But that does not mean lying about their condition or pretending they’re normal, contrary to all evidence.

Empathy does not extend to deception, and media outlets promoting mental health issues as normal are not doing the public, the transgendered and least of all children any favours.

On the contrary, the media are engaging in a disservice to society by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending, rather than a mental health issue.

What we’re seeing here is the result of a 40-year-long attack on family values, the narrative of which grows ever more insane with each passing moment.

It’s time to remarry reason to the truth, and that involves exposing feminist narratives for the lies that they are.

Christopher Attard is a university student furthering his studies in psychology.

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