I refer to the article Council Complains About Flooding Problem In Gżira (September 24).

The Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs would like to point out that the flooding problem at Gżira is being tackled through the national flood relief project, which is being considered for EU co-financing.

A tender for the excavation of a soakaway reservoir that will have a capacity of 10,000 cubic metres, which is being constructed at the end of Wied Għollieqa, has been issued and is at present being evaluated for adjudication by the Department of Contracts.

This reservoir will act as a buffer to the water coming from Wied Għollieqa and the Regional Road.

The reservoir will also be connected to a tunnel that will extend from Gżira to Ta’ Xbiex so that any excess storm water is deviated into the tunnel.

The whole project is expected to be completed by 2013.

The Gżira local council is informed of this project, so much so that a copy of the EIA studies was presented to the council, which was invited to attend the public meeting as part of the EIA process.

The ministry last year carried out improvements to the storm water system in part of Sliema Road by installing new, large-diameter pipes and extending the system so that ponding of rainwater that used to take place close to the traffic lights at the junction between Sliema Road and D’Argens Street is eliminated.

The cost of this project amounted to about €75,000.


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