Sometimes you just have to wonder whether anyone who matters (or thinks s/he matters, a different kettle of herring altogether) has a critical bone in his or her body. I don't mean that the bone concerned is critical to the continued survival of the individual, but that the said individual doesn't have the capacity to be critical or to think before expressing an opinion.

I know, I could have put it better, but it's something in the order of 30C out there and my brain, never at its best at this time of the year, gets even mushier when the temperature plods up the scale.

Getting back to the myths, then, consider the one that says that Minister Helena Dalli is a concerned and progressive Minister who espouses liberal thought and is a champion of minorities and all manner of good things.

Don't misunderstand me: Dr Dalli has done good things and been instrumental in bettering the lot of many minorities. My point is that she is not quite the Superwoman she is made out to be in some quarters, and before anyone gets onto some tottering "cavallo di battaglia" about my use of the word "woman", I'd have called her (not) Superman had she been a man, this is not about her gender.

Dr Dalli has diminished herself, to my mind, by failing very severely to reprimand her Chief of Staff, Ronnie Pellegrini, for his overt, unequivocal and unacceptable endorsement of political discrimination. To make thinks worse, she, or whoever writes her PR stuff for her, tried to bamboozle us into thinking that what Pellegrini was applauding was the fact that the Ministry was investigating the allegations of political discrimination, rather than the discrimination itself.

I mean, seriously, Dr Dalli, do you think we are all terminally bewildered and that we can't see your cover-ups of your political allies for what they are? After all, you've done the same, by omission, in respect of the homophobic insults that have spewed out of a blog produced on the public dime from within the Office of the Prime Minister, your boss.

Of a more substantial nature, one that has assumed egregiously priapic proportions, in fact, is the myth about how the Nationalists are as responsible for the rapes of Sliema and Mriehel (and who knows where else?) that are to be perpetrated with the blessing of the Planning Authority and what seems to be the passive connivance of the Environmental Protection Authority (forgive me if I have their names slightly askew, they neither plan nor protect, frankly).

The truth is that the PN representatives at the meetings where the rapes were approved voted against the projects and they have been consistent in doing so at all material times.

People like Prof. Arnold Cassola, who delight in perpetuating this myth that the Nationalists and Premier Joseph's Labour Party are cut from the same cloth, ignore the truth. Why they do so only they know, though in Cassola's case, I think it is fair to surmise that putting the Big Two is his (only) way of validating his own pressure-group cum party. As for many others, you have to assume they're simply Labour voters, switcher variety, who still can't bring themselves to admit, even to themselves, that in truth, they voted Joseph and got Premier Joseph.

The truth is that the PN representatives at the meetings where the rapes were approved voted against the projects and they have been consistent in doing so at all material times.

What do you think they were doing, going against their own party? Very few people do, and those that do, don't do it when they're on the Righteous Side, it's when they've gone over to the Dark Side that they do it.

And that last paragraph gives me a hook to a tiny myth to close with.

On "another blog" you'll have seen that Franco Debono is preening about how Robert Musumeci "jiggustah" in 90% of what he writes and says, or something on those lines. The mere fact that Debono doesn't realise that when one "jiggusta" someone he is being patronising and putting him down, sarcastically, rather explodes the myth about Debono's academic excellence.


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