Britannia Global, a property investment firm that allows those aspiring to make their dream of having the perfect property portfolio a reality, is offering buyers the chance to invest in prime property in the UK. With prices starting at £100,000 (€115,700) and mortgage approvals at the highest they’ve been since 2016 (currency rates valid at time of writing), the prospects of investment have become much more attainable. 

This update in Britannia’s portfolio has been set into effect by Brexit realities – because beyond the negative news, this situation provides fantastic buying opportunities for foreign investors. Units are being provided at 10 to 20 per cent cheaper than their current market value giving investors a fantastic bang for their buck. 

Sterling is currently 20 per cent lower than it was in 2016 – a beneficial standing that has not been applied since 2016. And to make investment opportunities even stronger, loans covering up to 70 per cent of the property value are being offered to prospective investors seeking financial assistance. 

To date, the property market in the UK is still recording high levels of growth where rentals are guaranteed in top areas such as city locations and rural escapes. This is an attractive proposal – especially when considering that the UK and Malta enjoy cultural similarities that are strong and vital in this day and age. The UK provides a sense of escape yet comfort from Malta, there are grand investments in the market that lie outside Maltese shores and they should be invested in – with the low currency exchange rates, soaring loan approval rates and excellent choices in the market, the time and opportunity to invest is clearly set for now. Moreover, Britannia Global has a Malta office with property consultants ready to give potential buyers the right advice. 

Britannia Global is offering a superb opportunity to invest in the UK. This stellar chance to secure your money into a thriving property market is open to Maltese citizens as well as investors from other nationalities – thus improving the cosmopolitan ideology of investment into the market. All nationalities will be considered for investment through Britannia Global. 

Investing in the property market is always a sound decision, especially when you are guided and mentored by experts who are in constant touch with the changes and updates of the country. Britannia Global are offering an opportunity for investors looking to boost their property portfolio in the UK market.

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