I use dried soya beans for this recipe and the best way is to soak them overnight. You can always speed up the cooking process by adding a quarter of a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda once the water reaches boiling point.

For the burgers you will need:

2 cups cooked soya beans
1 medium onion, finely cut and cooked
2 small cloves garlic
1 tablespoon tomato puree
1/4 teaspoon dijon mustard
1 tablespoon soysauce
salt and pepper
1 large potato, peeled, cooked and diced
2 tablespoons breadcrumbs
2 egg whites
1/4 teaspoon dired oregano
1 tablespoon parsley, finely chopped
uccarina rignu
mgharfa tursin frisk mqatta
1 tablespoon olive oil to brush the patties

Burger buns

Mash up the soy beans with a fork. Mix all the ingredients together. If you like a smooth finish, use a handheld blender to turn it into a smooth paste. Otherwise leave as it is. Cover and allow to rest in the fridge for an hour.
Form patties with your hands or use a burger patty maker to get a very uniform appearance. Brush the patties with a bit of olive oil. Place in an ovenproof dish prepared with a baking spray and bake in the oven at 200C for 35 minutes. After 20 minutes turn them over.

Prepare the buns by cutting them open. Lightly spread some mayonnaise and mustard on the bun and garnishing the burgers with rocket leaves, tomatoes and cucumber. Serve with ketchup and more mustard if desired.

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