Feel like the world is going to the dogs? Want to get away from it all? Here’s a solution: become a citizen of the nation of Asgardia and hope it makes good on its promise to colonize the moon. 

Its backers, or citizens, met this week in Vienna to inaugurate their first leader - founder Igor Ashurbeyli.

The organization says it's deadly serious. 

Asgardia promises to colonize the moon. It wants to build a population of 150 million within 10 years and set up so called "space arks" where humans can permanently live.

It already has about 200,000 citizens, a constitution and an elected parliament. 

Asgardia says its citizens now live in more than 200 countries.

Becoming a citizen online is free but the process may become more rigorous.

It says it wants to attract the most creative two percent of the world's population and that soon citizen selection might even involve IQ tests. 


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