Extensive roadworks are in progress along several stretches of the Marsa bypass. Traffic signs have been placed along these stretches indicating that the speed limit is 30 kph. However, what is the use of putting up these signs if no one observes them and, worse, if there is no effective enforcement?

I have, in recent days, had to drive along some of these stretches, religiously observing the electronic display on my speedometer to ensure that I abide by the speed indicated. Every time, the car or cars behind me seem hell-bent on ramming me up my exhaust pipe, furiously overtaking from right or left at speeds well over 40 kph when they realise that I will not play ball.

Clearly, the presence of the occasional warden is not enough to curb this abuse. How about temporary or portable speed cameras placed at strategic locations and moved around as the need arises?


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