Shawn Kinley (right), a top improvisation teacher from Canada, is in Malta to give Maltese actors and improvisers the opportunity to attend two separate workshops on the art of improvisation. The workshops are being held at Ibraġ parish church today and tomorrow.

The culmination of these workshops will be a performance of Keith Johnstone’s Maestro. Directed by Kinley and Simone Ellul, Maestro is a competitive improvisation piece where performers play against each other to be the last performer to survive. 

The performance will include participants of the second workshop and they will create scenes on the spot under the suggestions of the directors and audience themselves.

The audience will then score the scenes and lower-scoring players are eliminated one by one. 

It’s an event that promises a competitive and fun evening, and is a unique opportunity for Maltese audiences to experience a form of theatre that has been played all over the world.

Maestro will be shown at the Drama and Dance Centre, Kulleġġ San Ġorġ Preca, Mountbatten Street, Blata l-Bajda, Ħamrun tomorrow at 8pm. For more information, e-mail