Cheating in poker is not something you will encounter regularly. In truth, the majority of individuals will never find themselves in a scenario where they are being tricked out of money at the tables. That said, cheating does occur and players should guard their trust closely.

When there is a lot of money involved, there will always be those wanting to get their hands on it by whatever means possible. And so knowing some of the most popular poker hacks can surely lower your chances of getting cheated. 

Can you cheat in live poker online?

Although you will be shielded from some of the aforementioned ways of cheating in online poker games, you will still have to cope with additional risks associated with the internet. While USA casinos 247 players cannot mark cards or have the dealer assist them, there are countless methods to cheat at online poker, and more than enough persons are willing and able to employ these tactics.

Here are some of these dubious techniques and how you can spot them.

Colluding with someone

If players wish to communicate card knowledge and collaborate at a live table, they must devise plans and strategies. This is considerably easier to do online.

What's to stop someone from sitting at the same table with a friend or two and communicating over Skype or Viber, discussing hands, exchanging information, and even playing together to steal chips or money from the other players? This is a difficult poker cheat to show, but there have been several proven occurrences of this sort of play on practically all poker sites.

While poker companies attempt to strengthen their security and invest in technologies to safeguard their players, I'm sure a slew of colluders have gone undetected, and the cheats have gone undetected. The truth is that you will need some time to recognise this type of deceit.

Using bots

Poker bots are becoming a significant issue for the online poker community. While some players may not consider this to be cheating, the majority agree that computer programs have no business playing against people, or that human players should be informed that they are playing against a bot rather than a real person.

A poker bot is a piece of software that can play a certain type of poker based on specified parameters or his own powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithm. Some of the latest bots can also adapt their play in real time, making them incredibly deadly opponents. We feel that utilizing bots is unethical and should be prohibited in online poker.

Marking cards

Consider catching a terrific run of cards in an anniversary Sunday Million and finding yourself at the final table with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line.

Every salary raise is significant, every choice is critical, and you're not used to being under such duress. Your average buy-in is $5, and you've won $1,500 so far.

You're now competing for a first-place prize of $1,000,000. Wouldn't it be fantastic if a brilliant player could take over and finish things up? This would never happen in a live scenario.

The one-player-per-hand rule is enforced in all poker rooms throughout the world, and you're not even permitted to accept assistance from your half-drunk friend who's there to cheer you on (even if other players wouldn't mind). However, the practice of "ghosting" has grown extremely popular online.

Players in staking groups, in particular, will frequently have someone else take complete control of their computer if they reach a large final table. No matter how you spin it, this is a massive thing – and cheating – albeit it's difficult to prove. 

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