Orsay has just unveiled its latest fashion trends and accessories. Always up to date, the brand offers fashion enthusiasts its uniquely chic highlights, such as dresses and jeans. Orsay’s styles are uncomplicated but varied for every individual look. The fashion brand also offers high quality and honest prices.

Last month the brand featured a special event to bring on shopping in the new season. While all Orsay shops offered customers the opportunity to win a €100 voucher, Orsay at The Point took it a step further with a selfie wall for customers to pose in their favourite Orsay outfits.

Customers were given a goodie bag including an Orsay branded on-the-go coffee cup and a come-back voucher with a 40 per cent discount. Orsay shops were decorated subtly in dainty pink, with ivory-coloured balloons and a red carpet for a worthy welcome for customers.

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