Former Archbishop Joseph Mercieca had nominated seven Canons of the Metropolitan Chapter and 27 monsignors called 'tal-Papa'. They certainly deserve it for their hard work in our archdiocese.

Unfortunately, however, almost a year has passed since the Very Reverend Chapter of the Proto-Collegiate Church of St Helen elected a new canon from Siggiewi. Our Chapter of St Helen had celebrated the Mass of the Holy Spirit as assigned in the Papal Bull issued on December 5, 1630.

The canons chanted the prayer Veni Creator Spiritus. The Mass was followed by a formal congregation of the Chapter to select a new member and the new canon was elected. Eventually the date of installation was never announced. Everything was carried out according to the laws of the Foundation Bull Sacri Apostolatus Ministerio and the Capitular Statutes, confirmed and approved by Pope Urban VIII by an Apostolic Breve in 1631.

Until now there are five vacant canonries, all of the Filippine Foundation, whereas the Pierine Foundation established in 1771 which consists of two dignitaries and two canonries is full till now.

There are some priests who are interested to fill these vacancies besides the one already elected canon. The Karkarizi are very saddened that the promises which were made public by Archbishop Michael Gonzi are not being adhered to. These promises were presented by the Ripristino degree issued in 1955.

The Socjetà Dun Filippu Borgia, the representative body of all Birkirkara's societies, is still waiting earnestly for the installation of the new canons. We hope Archbishop Cremona will intervene.


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