Clare Agius is a woman who wears many hats: she’s an actress, a TV presenter and producer, and now a social media influencer in her own right.

Understandably, juggling all that while also going through the daily tasks that come with being a mother and a homeowner, can get quite hectic. But imagine having to do all that without decent internet or telephony in your own home.

“My family and I live in an old Maltese house with some incredibly thick walls. It’s a wonderful house but it’s always been difficult to stay connected,” she said.

“We obviously tried the normal extenders but this didn’t work, and we were then told to install ethernet wires in every room. That wasn’t viable for us: with two young children to take care of, both my husband and I need be able to move around the house – sometimes to watch over them or to get away for an important business call.”

The solution came when Agius installed Melita 250 Mbps internet along with Melita’s new StellarWiFi, which brings Malta’s top internet speeds together with Plume SuperPods to enhance WiFi coverage across the home. These SuperPods – which are an add-on to Melita’s internet service – are simply plugged into the wall to act like a router in themselves, helping create your own WiFi network in your own home.

“It’s absolutely incredible and has completely changed the way we can work and use our home,” Agius added. “Before, we could only use the internet properly from one room, so there were times we’d all be crammed in there trying to get a slice of the already-slow WiFi. Now, we have internet access in all the rooms, giving us the freedom – and luxury – of walking about the house while having online phone conversations, the opportunity to answer e-mails from bed on a Sunday morning (though that rarely happens!) and, of course, the chance to finally watch HD TV without waiting hours for it to load properly.”

For Agius and her husband Paul, installing Melita’s StellarWiFi in their home has meant less stress on the job, too. Each can be in separate areas of the house without being interrupted by the other’s phone calls or the occasional YouTube break.

Meanwhile, for Paul, who runs a holiday home, having internet throughout the house has meant less worrying about missing one of his guests’ messages or e-mails when cooking or playing with the children.

Yet Melita’s StellarWiFi comes with many other features that continue to make daily life even simpler and more secure. For starters, StellarWiFi comes with a technology called Adaptive WiFi, which creates a WiFi mesh network that adapts to how you use it, giving you the best WiFi speeds where and when you need them.

Customers also get access to the Plume app. This easy-to-use app can be set-up in a matter of minutes and automatically recognises your SuperPods, helps you identify where it’s best to put them, creates a map of your network, and gives you a list of which devices are using the WiFi and where.

“The app is a gamechanger, particularly its HomePass feature. For starters, whenever we have meetings at home or our friends pop round, we can give them access to the WiFi with a tap of a button. It also lets us choose which devices connected to our network they can use, like the printer or the TV.

"More importantly, the app also has the option to schedule an ‘internet freeze’ by device, which means that we can remove access to the WiFi. This is particularly handy when it’s time for the children to go to bed or to focus on their homework.”

In fact, parental control and security are at the heart of Melita’s StellarWiFi. With it, a guardian can manage what type of content can be accessed per device, and even allow for approval or blocking of specific websites for each device in order to keep your family safe.

Clients can also activate functions such as online protection against cyber threats, including crypto-mining, ransomware, malware, viruses, botnets, phishing attacks and more. Last but not least, the Advanced IoT Protection continuously monitors all devices to identify and quarantine any device that has become compromised, preventing the threat from spreading to the rest of your connected devices.

“I honestly never thought I’d shower praise on a WiFi service, but Melita’s StellarWiFi is so powerful and well thought out that it’s completely changed the way we use Internet at home. I would – as I already have – recommend it to anyone whose home stops traditional WiFi from functioning properly and to all families looking to keep themselves safe online,” Agius concluded.

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