Setting up a business could be a life-changing experience in many ways. On the upside of things it can be a rewarding experience, but on the opposite end, various factors create different risks that make running a business challenging.

Thus, the ability to effectively plan out the venture development at the start-up stage is crucial to its growth and success. Much of the direction that the business flow will take depends on the right decisions being taken at this decisive phase, including their implementation, since they will set the stage for the scenarios that will eventually unfold.

It is not uncommon for inexperienced entrepreneurs to attempt to carry out all business functions personally, dismissing that underestimating vital responsibilities will negatively impact their business if certain administrative requirements are ignored.

It is important to stress that while businessmen might possess the expertise to manage the venture’s operation, they often lack essential administrative experience.

This is where it becomes strategically critical to engage professional teams with the right talent pool to help steer the business through rigmaroles such as business planning, start-up structuring, financial modelling, funding, shareholder agreements, tax efficiency planning and accounting services to name a few. Effectively, Nexia BT takes over the burden of bureaucracy while you, the entrepreneur, can dedicate yourself fully to the core competencies of your business.

Nexia BT has been doing precisely this for over 20 years: assisting businesses to flourish right from the start-up stage, the long standing and loyal Nexia BT clientele, being the ultimate testimony. For more information contact Anita Aloisio on


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