An unknown writer came up with this priceless sentence: “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, everything is lost.”

Yes, how scarce is strong character among those running our country. It is not easy to find among this important category people who will stand up to be counted when things are not done well in this country.

Martin Luther King once said: “When in the face of evil you will remain silent, you will begin your way to death.” And, to continue this sentence, what can we say of those who approve bad actions by the authorities?

In the face of this sad situation in our country, we must first of all be honest people, have a strong character and seek justice. In the face of evil being done, no matter by whom, we must never bow our heads and approve it. Even if we have to suffer, we must keep in mind we are suffering for a real good cause and, surely, God will bless us with His true peace in our hearts.

Resisting what is bad and promoting what is right, we can say we are truly ourselves, not puppets, with somebody in power pulling the strings.

We must also work to ensure the young have a strong character even at an early age so they may seek what is really good for them rather than be carried away with the mentality that if others can do it why not them too. 

We must help them to ask themselves before doing anything whether that is really good or not. If it is not good, they must be people of strong character and say no, even if others do otherwise.

Surely, a strong character among citizens will be a real good guarantee of a truly healthy nation.


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