Updated 6.43pm - Added Sliema video

Strong winds have lashed massive waves against the Valletta shore at St Elmo bay, dislodging parked cars and forcing the Civil Protection Department to intervene. 

Photo: Cri Krii/Facebook - The SalottPhoto: Cri Krii/Facebook - The Salott

A CPD spokesman confirmed that officials had been dispatched to Valletta following reports of stormy seas, and a photo posted on Facebook group The Salott showed parked cars being hit by sizeable waves. 

According to eyewitnesses, CPD members helped move a number of cars out of harm's way, but as of 6pm others remained caught beneath Valletta's bastions, with crashing waves threatening to drag them into the sea. 

A police spokesperson confirmed that nobody was injured. 

Huge swells and violent waves also battered Sliema's coastline, with violent waves forcing shoreline restaurants to call it a day. 

After an overcast start to the day, winds picked up in the afternoon, with meteorologists noting that an intense low-pressure weather pattern was developing over the Ionian Sea. 

According to Malta Weather, the Maltese Islands are likely to be spared the brunt of this Mediterranean cyclone, with winds unlikely to rise higher than Force 7. 

Malta Weather's Facebook page nevertheless noted that "a more southwesterly track could bring this low pressure directly over us," with consequences for local weather.

Last Wednesday, meteorologists had warned that it was looking like a wet and windy weekend.

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Sliema's coastline was also hit by inclement weather. Video: Steve Zammit Lupi

Photo: Mark Soler/MSFotographyPhoto: Mark Soler/MSFotography

Video: Mark Soler - MSPhotography


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