I would like my friend John Guillaumier to daydream as I did the other day.

All those of advanced age, with deteriorating health and everyone imminently in the throes of death had prayed to God to spare their lives and God heard their prayers. Eventually, the world was suffocated with the breath of a multitude of people increasing by the millions every year because nobody was dying. The crowded ranks of this gargantuan agglomeration of people now leave no space to roam about at liberty.

There is not enough water and food available for their survival. The stench caused by their natural needs is unbearable. Adverse conditions are overwhelming, resulting in complete chaos and Armageddon.

Immediately, I come to my senses and realise that this is surrealistic fantasy and not life on this planet earth as we know it.

Miracles do not and cannot happen at every request for mercy and divine intervention. It is just that the hour and manner of those passengers in transit had to happen that way. We’ve been warned several times of unexpected and sudden deaths.

God is like a gardener going to his garden as he pleases to pick the flowers of his choice.


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