A summer concert by Toi Toi for children aged three upwards will be held today at 7pm at the Manoel Theatre Studio Theatre, Valletta.

Twing and Twang are two spiders that live in an old attic. When they are old enough to walk, they start exploring the attic. Other animals in the attic make fun of the spiders because they have so many legs; they are even bullied by Big Spidey Spider. To make matters worse, they often leave behind a thin fine trail of string when they walk which occasionally they stumble upon.

One day, they came across a funny-looking piece of wood, which looked like a frame but had a weird shape. They spent a whole afternoon jumping and dangling from one end to the other, leaving behind a trail of silky thread along the frame. Twang got stuck to one end of the threads and had to struggle to get free.

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