A 23-year-old man was denied bail on Saturday after being caught with 2.5 kilograms of cannabis. 

The court heard how, on July 11, police had gone to Nigel Muscat's home after receiving a tip-off about him having a significant drug stash there. Late in the evening, they spotted Mr Muscat coming out of the house and into his car.

They approached him and found that he had a kilogram of cannabis on him, Inspector Anthony Scerri said.

Police then searched the man's home and found another 1.5 kilograms of cannabis and €11,000 in cash. 

The court denied bail, arguing the case was still in its early stages and that further civilian witnesses needed to testify. The man was a repeat offender, the court noted. 

Lawyers Franco Debono and Amadeus Cachia were defence lawyers.

Magistrate Ian Farrugia presided over the case.