We help businesses speed up their time-to-market process, while reducing their overhead costs, thus giving them an edge over their competitors, says Hyperion CEO and co-founder Stav Zilbershtein.

Disruption may have the sheen and sparkle of a brave new world. Yet it is centuries old – in fact, as old as trade, commerce, humankind. It is what fuels progress and transforms past into present, while cementing the foundations for the future.

Just consider Aesop’s tortoise and hare fable. The Greek fabulist may have been writing centuries ago, but his famous fable showcases disruption – how the old world of speed was overtaken by the new world of ingenuity and trickery.

Hyperion CEO and co-founder Stav Zilbershtein believes in disruption – indeed, in its mission statement, the company commits itself to, “Disrupt the traditional IT market in Malta.” Why does he think this market is ripe for disruption?

“Malta is growing every month in new IT businesses that enter the island to operate in blockchain, iGaming and fintech,” he says.

“The amount of developers on the island, in comparison to the demand, is unmatchable. Hyperion falls into place right in that gap. We are able to set up and scale any type of development centre fast and efficiently.”

Such outsourcing benefits businesses.

“Companies that are planning an Initial Coin Offering or Security Token Offering – or any other company for that matter – lives by the need to deliver products and product updates from week to week. The traditional HR process and relocation packages make the process painfully slow and, in most cases, too slow to match the need to move forward and produce results fast.

“Sourcing gives a clear advantage in both time-to-market and overhead costs. In many cases there is simply no way to find the amount of needed talent in order to meet production goals. This is where Hyperion comes in – we manage to speed up the process for our clients and give them an edge over their competitors.”

This, of course, gives Hyperion the responsibility of making sure that every project is backed by the right team.

“We have a very specific vetting process in which we don’t only get highly talented and passionate developers but we also test their abilities to lead and to work as part of a team. A good team will always perform better and stronger than the efforts of its individuals combined.

“Not everyone gets to work at Hyperion, Only the best talents get to form a team in the end of the process. We work hard to match the synergy of the team with the organisational culture of the client. In many cases clients mention that they feel the development teams we set up for them are no different than an extension of their own team and that gives us the assurance that we are doing something right.”

Indeed, Hyperion is doing more than something right and has enjoyed significant growth in the past years.

We work hard to match the synergy of the team with the organisational culture of the client

“Hyperion is growing fast, really fast. In the last 12 months we went from five to 100 people and we keep on growing every month. This is thanks to our unique model of dedicated teams for long-term projects that ensures success and satisfaction for both the teams and the clients. We see remarkable results and expect to see much more in 2019.”

Blockchain is also set to affect Hyperion’s product and service offering.

“There is a high demand for blockchain developers and not enough talent is getting trained and sent out into the market. This is why Hyperion created the Hyperion Blockchain Academy, which is a series of meet-ups and trainings in the Ukraine intended to assist in converting developers of blockchain friendly-frameworks into ready-to-work blockchain developers.

“The conversion can be done in four weeks and we take part in training the next generation of blockchain developers in the Ukraine.”

With blockchain, there is a knowledge-gap and businesses are not sure how this will affect them. In what ways does Hyperion address this gap?

“When we set-up a team we make sure to get senior talents on board. Many of the burning questions – such as the security level of the solution needed and all the way to the best practices to ensure the product will work the way it is supposed to – is a joint process that clients enjoy while working with their team.

“It’s important that the clients will know the functionality and vision of their product but in the more detailed knowledge that is required you can trust on a team of blockchain experts that will be set up especially for your project to help covering for that gap.

“We also have a vast network of support from local blockchain and security experts who assist in the process when harder questions arise during the project.”

Hyperion will be present at the Malta Blockchain Summit. In what ways will the company engage with attendees?

“I’m going to lead a panel in which we will explain more about how Hyperion works and place the Ukraine in the spotlight as a strong partner region that can help any blockchain company leverage its development process fast and in the highest quality available in the market today.”



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