I refer to the article Young And Old Get A Taste Of Army Life (October 3).

Sunday October 2 was definitely an interesting occasion thanks to the Open Day organised by the Armed Forces of Malta, where the public could appreciate their dedication, training, knowledge and professionalism.

The article stated that adults could try their hand at firing air rifles on a shooting range, using blanks. May I clarify that airguns propel pellets and thus blanks do not apply to airguns.

Referring to firing blanks, the writer probably intended to refer to the endless queue of adults who patiently and eagerly waited their turn to have a go at blank firing the AFM's L1A1 SLR assault rifles, better known as the FAL, chambering the 7.62mm blanks for the occasion.

I am sure all those who managed to have a go at shooting with these cartridge firearms meant to say a very warm thank you to the AFM.


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