On November 2 we congratulated Discern, the Curia research institute, for inviting Fr Gustavo Gutierrez over to Malta. This Peruvian diocesan priest, who is now a member of the Dominican Order, is the Father of Liberation Theology. Today we wish to thank them for doing so.

Those who last Tuesday attended the lecture Fr Gutierrez gave at the Radisson SAS Bay Point Resort were impressed by his clarity of mind and incisive ideas. Those who say that Liberation Theology is dead are surely mistaken.

Fr Gutierrez spoke about spirituality and the preferential option for the poor. Today we do not comment on what he said. We comment on the audience who came to listen. The hall was literally packed. There were many people standing up and some even sitting on the floor.

Among the distinguished guests were the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, several ministers and members of Parliament from both sides of the House. There were all sorts of people from all walks of life.

The fact that so many hundreds of people decided to come and listen to Fr Gutierrez is a very strong comment in itself. There is a thirst and a need for such lectures. People want to be faced with speakers who challenge them. Thank-you Discern for bringing Fr Gutierrez to Malta. Please keep on bringing such first class speakers to help the development of a critical mentality.

Please keep on bringing speakers who challenge the status quo and who refuse to let the dust of conformity cover everything as if pluralism is not alive and kicking.

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