We have seen a big upgrade in the mobile phone market over the last couple of years. With that being said, we cannot ignore the fact that computers have also had their upgrades. Whether it is a PC or a laptop, the performance has increased a lot in short time. 

Believe it or not, but computers and mobile phones are now battling in sort of a strange way. They might be in different markets and have different users, but you can now do a lot of things with your phone that you also can do with your computer. Which might make some people question their need for a new computer? 

You might want to be sure which activities you would like to have fun with on your computer or your phone. Most people like to play games on their apps or on the web. If you like casino games, then you should try out online baccarat on your phone or your computer for a great experience. 

With that being said, you should also consider the flexibility on your computer. Is it really something you can take out outside when you are in town? Because that would be very strange, unless you`re at a café or studying at the library. Reconsider your choice wisely! 

Your mobile phone is more flexible

Flexibility is the most important factor for many people that are constantly traveling. Electronic devices such as mobile phones are highly appreciated when traveling from day to day and country to country. It gives you everything you need in one small device. 

This device is super-efficient when it comes to communication. You don`t need to call or use text messages anymore. You can easily just message someone on any social media platform and also get access to your e-mail easily. All these options will make your day every day.

There are a lot of options for you when it comes to applications for your e-mail. You can use everything from Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail and Mailbird to Microsoft Outlook. If you have an iPhone, you can still get a good e-mail app which is built-in on the phone itself. 

With all these features and applications available on both Android and iOS, you will have plenty to choose from. You can also get a lot of good options on Windows as well. If you are traveling a lot, then this will gain you a lot of good opportunities on your phone. 

The computer gives you better performance

The battle of phones and computers still goes on, but we can´t deny the fact that computers have the best performance. The components are far greater than the processor of phones. The same thing could be said about graphics on computers which are now to be found in 4k resolution. 

Computers are really effective when it comes to running advanced software, like for example Photoshop and iMovie. The last software is often to be found on MacBooks, which are some of the advanced computers on the electronic device market. 

If you`re depended on high performance to run advanced software, then computers are the best option for you. Especially if this is a part of your daily job. You could consider a laptop for more flexibility, because PCs would be heavier to take around the world. 

Use both when you are travelling

Mobile phones and computers are competing with each other, but for your own sake you should consider buying both if you don't have one of them. Why is that so? Well, it would give you both flexibility and performance. Laptops and mobile phones would be easy to travel with. 

If you're determined on doing this, then you should also buy the necessary accessories to easily travel with your computer and your mobile phone. You should have hard cases for both devices, but also the necessary cables for charging and exporting data to another device. 

For computers, you would need some extra cables because different countries use different cables to charge, to share and export data from one device to another. The exception from this could be iPhones and Android phones, but you would still need flexibility on other specific devices. 

If you really can't decide between one and another for computers and mobile phones, then you should of course have both of them. That would allow you to work from day to day while traveling without headache. Stay in touch on your travels and use both mobile phones and computers! 

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