If you’re thinking of running for MEP, then you had better have deep pockets.

A campaign running for the European Parliament could set you back around €26,000, according to candidate Peter Agius. 

In a Facebook post, the Nationalist European Parliamentary hopeful said that so far his campaign had cost €26,500. Around €3,600 of this cost has so far been offset by small donations collected during political gatherings organised by him and his teams, Dr Agius wrote.

The law, he said, required candidates to declare campaigning costs only after voters cast their ballots.

“However, I believe that to truly choose an independent person of integrity it would be best if this was done before the vote. I want to do my part by declaring the costs of my campaign,” he wrote, urging others to follow his lead.

Dr Agius said he had also benefited from around 4,500 hours of voluntary work from around 45 volunteers and friends, who worked on things from campaign calls, to design work for logos.

The MEP hopeful, who used to head of the European Parliament Information Office in Malta, even mentioned the €60 worth of auberigines and other fruit and vegetables that farmers had given him throughout his campaign which largely featured the farming community.

A spokesman for the candidate said the expense calculations dated back to 19 September 2018. 

Malta goes to the polls to elect six MEPs - as well as councillors for all local councils - on May 25. 


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