AD 2022: Having been crowned PN king in 2017, Adrian Delia has beaten his many demons and battles and has just led a resurgent party back into power.

Delia has also beaten Joseph Muscat at his own game and, through guile, luck and an amazing party machine, has captured the nation’s soul and won handsomely at the polls. The unthinkable is now reality: the PN of old is no more, the new PN is alive and victorious once again.

Delia’s supporters and even those who sat on the fence have now joined in the rejoicing; the country is back in the capable hands of the PN. Out with Labour and all it stood for. With their macho men and shady characters, the Delia clan descend on Castille and turn it into their own laundromat.

They now hold title to the Auberge of their dreams—Castille with its connection to true, unbridled power. The future is all PN, all Adrian Delia. The crowd all over the island is truly blue and ecstatic.

Once inside, they spot, skulking in a corner with a terrified look, a truly prominent man still wearing his red top emblazoned with a photo of Joseph Muscat, now binned, now the new loser, the man who was but is no more.

The top PN henchmen approach the man in red—ready to drag him out and throw him to their screaming supporters. He would make a good meal—a meal of meals.

As they approach and start manhandling him, he whimpers. But the thugs in blue pay no heed—most of them are beyond hearing or seeing as their brain is stuffed full of strange feelings now made even more potent by the frenzy of Delia’s unexpected victory.

The man in red whimpers more forcefully. They now make out the word “blogger!” One of the henchmen hears that word and stops his thugs-in-arms. “Hey let’s see what this Labour man has to say.” And he is hauled before the leader himself—the visionary, the new-way man, Adrian Delia.

“I am,” says the man in red, “Glenn Beddingfield. I can help you reign over all you survey. I can make you more famous, I can make your people better informed. I can continue writing against the witch, the blogger, the woman from Bidnija. I can go on doing my job—my blogging will all be for your survival. I can continue the mission I started which helped right the evil woman’s wrongs.”

Adrian Delia smiles; pulls out a blue top from one of his aides’ boxes of tricks and anoints Glenn Bedingfield as his new blogger, his new way, his own answer to Daphne Caruana Galizia and her poison pen.

And Glenn survives to blog some more sweet-sounding prose.

Long live the new way, the enlightened way. The way that unites us all in all our wishes and dreams.


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