The Bible is really a fascinating book. It speaks about God's intervention in the lives of human beings. It is so tangible that it cannot not be real. In it God is challenged by the human person and the latter is challenged by God. In this mutual challenge a loving, trusting and truthful relationship is built.

One of our everyday faith challenges is how to walk with God or rather let God walk with us. God always keeps his pace going, even though for us humans it is sometimes difficult to detect that. Sometimes we go for prayer heavy laden. We all carry our problems, worries, and failures. Our baggage becomes so heavy that we find it almost impossible to let our spirit be refreshed and renewed by the Holy Spirit.

I found Meister Eckhart's teaching quite inspiring on this matter. It is essential that we pray to God to create in us an empty spirit. But what is this empty spirit about? "An empty spirit is one that is confused by nothing, attached to nothing, has not attached its best to any fixed way of acting, and has no concern whatever in anything for its own gain, for it is all sunk deep down into God's dearest will and has forsaken its own. A person can never perform any work, however humble, without it gaining strength and power from this".

Practically Meister Eckhart is suggesting that we ought to let our own being be absorbed by God. Thus he continues, "We ought to pray so powerfully that we should like to put our every member and strength, our two eyes and ears, mouth, heart, and all our senses to work; and we should not give up until we find that we wish to be one with Him who is present to us and whom we etreat, namely God".

Meister Eckhart's magnificent insight is a class act response to the Psalmist's ardent plea: "O God, thou art my God, I seek thee, my soul thirsts for thee; my flesh faints for thee, as in a dry and weary land where no water is". (Psalm 63, 1). Would you afford to let God free your heavy laden spirit?

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