The whippet was created by the miners in the North of England by breeding several breeds together, each for their own purpose, consisting of the Black and tan Manchester terrier, Bedlington terrier, Dachshund and Italian greyhound, until they created a true to type breed. It is highly valued in Northern England and as a provider of sport, they are highly esteemed. The miners cared mostly about getting the greatest amount of speed in the least possible time.

The miners, who couldn’t afford to own race horses or greyhounds, wished to participate but it was near impossible. Whenever there was horse or greyhound racing the miners, who couldn’t afford participating in the game, used to peep from some crack in the doors to get a glimpse on the goings-on. 

So they decided to create the whippet, which they called the poor man’s racehorse. The miners used to bet for racing short distances in the streets or else at the pubs, which caught the first rat or mouse first, since the whippet chases anything that moves.


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