Unfortunately, it is very often believed that we Maltese are not animal lovers, and people do not know the reasons why. 

I cannot disagree, since it is hard to understand why one would keep a dog tied to a chain 24 x 7 to guard the possessions in one’s garage, just in case someone dares peep through the door that has been left ajar; and in all probability the dog would not be a tiny Chihuahua but a German Shepherd dog barking noisily out of boredom. 

The same applies to horses that are left all day in garages cum stables, in half the space they require to live in comfort if the required amount of bedding is provided. If only those who have horses would watch how these animals are cared for in larger countries (for example, in TV programmes on Discovery Channel) they would soon realise how mistaken they are when they keep their animals in those conditions. The places where horses are kept in Arab states are like five-star hotels compared to Malta.

I wish I had the space to write all about the animals living in miserable conditions here in Malta; whether they are birds living in gabjetti (tiny cages), or four-legged animals, be they dogs or horses.

We have a few Alaskan Malamutes in Malta. Half a dozen or so are kept in immaculate conditions, attending dog shows and competing successfully. Small wonder they do so.

The rest are living in hell. One only has to see the Malamutes’ behaviour in their proper environment – Alaska – to see the difference. They wag their tails incessantly whether they are hunting or pulling loads. They eat fish that mother nature provides and sleep and work in temperatures suitable for them.


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