Offers of hard cash, expensive whiskies and free meals have all been recorded in an internal gift register introduced by Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà in 2020.

The internal register, obtained via a freedom of information request, shows over 240 entries, with the majority of gifts accepted by the officers in question.

Unsurprisingly, two offers of €10,000 in cash offered as a bribe to “throw away illegal substances” were marked in the registry as having been declined.

The gift register obliges police officers to list any gifts or gratuities received, whether they accepted them or not. They are also obliged to state whether the gift was given in connection with their work and why the gift was offered.

Four complimentary dinners at Portomaso’s Blue Elephant restaurant were similarly rejected by police officers.

The registry says the free Blue Elephant dinners were offered to four officers as “appreciation” by someone who released a statement to a police inspector and was happy with the way he was treated.

The names of all officers in the gift registry, as well as details about those who offered the gifts, were blanked out of the document provided to Times of Malta by the police.

One officer was rewarded with US mementoes, presumably by the US Embassy, for help in “intelligence sharing”.

Another police officer was rewarded with 24 bottles of Chateau Turcaud red wine, worth €330, to thank him for solving a murder.

“International cooperation” was the reason cited behind the gift of a €250 bottle of Champagne Bollinger La Grande Annee 2008 to one officer.

A less fortunate colleague was left with what the registry describes as a “used glass bottle” of Brut original fragrance.

The dubious gift was left by someone reporting to the Valletta police station to sign the bail book.

The registry entry says the Brut was left at reception for the officer as a thank you gift for always treating the person on bail “fairly and in a friendly manner”.

Some of the more innocuous entries include the gift of a poinsettia plant, a box of chocolates as well as biscuits.

Bottles of whisky and Christmas hampers also feature frequently on the gift registry.

The last entry on the registry shows the gift of a “stadium ticket” during an official visit to Italy, a reference to Gafà’s presence at the Coppa Italia final in Rome last month.

The ticket did not display a price, according to the registry.

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