“The state mentioned in the public inquiry into the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia is a different state than the one we have today,” Labour president, Ramona Attard told The Malta Independent on Sunday

“A new prime minister was appointed and a number of reforms were implemented,” she continued.

High-ranking officials of the Labour Party try to dupe people into believing that the humiliating reality we are facing as a nation is no big deal. This insults the intelligence of the common citizen.

Attard seems to believe that the majority of the Maltese are non-thinking cabbages. Well, let me remind the PL president who and where the representatives of the “old” and “new” state are.

Let me start with the generation of veterans, those who were not involved in any dirty deals that we know of but are guilty of the great sin of omission and omertà: they kept their mouth shut and endorsed, with their vote, the misdeeds of the MPs who betrayed Labour voters and Malta.

Helena Dalli is now a leader of the EU pan-national ‘state’. Leo Brincat checks on its finances. Edward Scicluna oversees all the Central Bank operations in Malta. Evarist Bartolo is foreign minister. And George Vella, in his capacity as President of the Republic, embodies the state itself.

No longer part of today’s state? Attard has a nerve.

All those who voted to keep Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri in office, so that they could continue looting the country’s coffers, are their accomplices.

What about the fresh, new faces who, according to Attard, are no longer part of the Maltese state? Top of the pops is Mizzi, the object of suspected bribery that could have been one of the factors behind Daphne’s assassination. Where is he now? Sitting in the highest institution of state: parliament.

Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis spent part of his parliamentary career in servile adulation of the businessman who is today accused of commissioning the assassination. He did not know that at the time but he certainly knew that Yorgen Fenech used politicians to his advantage. But, just like Joseph Muscat, he continued to brown-nose him.

High-ranking officials of the Labour Party try to dupe people into believing that the humiliating reality we are facing as a nation is no big deal- Arnold Cassola

Rosianne Cutajar, another member of parliament, was competing with Zammit Lewis for Fenech’s attention. For Zammit Lewis, it was “I miss you”, for Cutajar the response was ‘qalbi’.

What about the young, fresh faces in cabinet? That Justyne Caruana was married to an allegedly corrupt police officer is no fault of hers. But abusing of her position as education minister to dish out a direct order to an unqualified friend is not on. Simply put, this is abuse of power.

Julia Farrugia? She had hardly stepped into her parliamentary secretary’s shoes when she abused of her position by shooting a commercial video in the state rooms of Castille to favour the citizenship-selling activity of her friends at Chetcuti & Cauchi. Her “mechanisms” for the revamping of the tourist industry were the cherry on the cake.

Silvio Schembri? The man is not only the failed champion of the ‘Blockchain Island’ myth, he was also the parliamentary secretary who, before the 2017 elections, boasted that “we will get rid of Daphne Caruana Galizia”.

Competing with him for the title of state fool is the minister of I don’t know what, Owen Bonnici, who spent two years of his life sweeping the flowers off Daphne’s memorial.

The list is long and space is limited but I cannot fail to mention Ian Borg who, in four years, has managed to inflate Transport Malta from 400 to around 800 employees, lowered qualifications for promotion to senior manager and dished out internal promotions to his constituents and other Labour acolytes.

This is the condition of the Maltese state.

Attard needs to look at history. An orgy of power, arrogance and sex brought down the Roman, Ottoman and Nazi empires. The political movement she presides over is well on its way to joining them.

Her choice is this: work to rid state institutions of their sleaze and allow the police commissioner to get on with his work or continue turning a blind eye and churning out idiotic comments, while Malta remains greylisted.

It’s her decision whether to be a ‘Ġaħan in Wonderland” or not.

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