John Guillaumier (‘Sepulchres of God’, The Sunday Times of Malta, February 10) true to form, gleefully prophesies that before long “the empty pews will turn the churches of Malta into the ‘tombs and sepulchres’ of God”.

God was just as cheerfully consigned to the grave once before, and every single Sunday since, from a small group of fewer than 20 to today’s thousand million believers, Christians have met together to proclaim their faith that He is nevertheless alive. 

“Christ has been raised from the dead,” St Paul proclaims, “the first-fruits of all who have died”. The message Paul brought to Malta is still proclaimed by the Church today, both in the glorious churches of Malta and in the humblest mission chapel.

The Gospel will continue to attract, persuade and convince because it is indeed ‘good news’ – something which certainly cannot be said of John Guillaumier’s message of doom and despair.


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