It is simply impossible to keep up with Adrian Delia’s never-ending flow of idiotic statements.

Addressing his own section of Nationalist Party supporters at the Kalkara club, he added some more besides the ones he has been repeating, such as his reference to the surplus.

But the most idiotic of all the unbelievable statements he made on this occasion was when he said the PN does not want to win the election of May 25. How on earth does he then expect PN supporters to vote come May 25?

If Delia and his clan are not interested in winning this week’s election, more and more PN voters may then decide to satisfy his wish and stay home or enjoy a day’s picnic or weekend break in Gozo.

Does anyone ever remember an Opposition leader anywhere in the world saying s/he did not want or wish to win an election? I certainly do not. I, therefore, propose Delia’s name should be submitted for consideration to be included in the Guinness Book of Records.

I can just imagine how embarrassed intelligent PN voters must feel when they hearsuch nonsense from their own supposed leader.


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